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Rental cars 360°agency is one of the leading domestic car hire brokers in the industry. We offer car hire in Croatia at more then 15 locations. We have a very simple aim to make every car hire transparent with no hidden cost. We consist of qualified people with working experience in the fields of rental cars in Croatia. Our long time experience making us ideal conditions for successful rental service to all our clients and business partners.

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Be sure to book a vehicle then is comfort for your needs. Think carefully what is your main features the car should have. If you go on vacation with children's or with a lot of gear, you may need a large sedan or SUV vehicle. If you are simply looking for a small car with low fuel campus, then is best to take small city car sutibul for small aria parking. Or you need to travel long distinct from city to city, then you will need a nice comfortable car with good staring characteristic.

We use standard ACRISS Car Classification Codes for vehicle.
Explanations for ACRISS that use four letters, each letters represents an attribute of the vehicle.
Exemplar MBMR: M = Mini, B = 2-3 Door, M = Manual Unspecific Drive, R = Unspecific Fuel/Power With Air condition

Before leaving home make sure you inform yourself with traffic sign and rules for the country you are going to. Plan your route with online RoutPlaner and avoid losing praises time. Read all documents that are important for you like where to pick up vehicle and which is important telephone numbers to call if you have any problems.

Don't forget to take following things: Car Rental Voucher, Valid driving license, Passport or identity card and Credit Card (you need to have enough credit available for insurance deposit

1. Damage car Inspection (CDR - Car damage report)

Carefully inspect the car for any existing damages and compare it with a paperwork. Report any damage that is not showing on rental agreement CDR (Car damage report), make sure they sign off the damage on the CDR before driving the vehicle. (TIP: If you are able to take a picture of the vehicle from all sides, that is the best proof that you can have :) Also checks the interior of the vehicle, be sure to check lights and turn signals are working properly.

2. Check for Additional equipment in the vehicle

Check spare wheel, jack lift, washer fluid, first aid, fire extinguisher, make sure that any safety equipment has been provided.

3. Check what kind of flue car needs.

Diesel or Petrol, In Croatia there are two tips of fuel : Diesel: Euro diesel BS Petrol: Euro super BS 95, Euro super BS 95 Class, Euro super BS 98+ Class, Check fuel level in the vehicle is correct according to your rental paperwork. Usually they calculate fuel level in 8/8 that means the car is full.

4. DO NOT forget to take your copy of the contract!

Keep all papers in a safe place relating to your rental agreement. You may need to refer to them when you get to the drop-off office.

5. Get to know the vehicle before start driving.

First adjust your seat and mirrors. Find the controls for the windshield wipers, turn signals, lights (normal and long beams) and cruise control (if applicable). Notice the placement of the control panel for a defroster, air conditioning, etc. Some newer cars use Stop&Start technology

6. Plan your journey

Rental companies offer free local or country maps (if you need, ask them for a map). Plan your route before leaving the car rental lot. Ask the supplier representative for an advice if needed.


Arrive on time to drop-off location. Rental car companies calculate price for base 24 hour period, so ensure enough time to return the car. Make plans to return the car at the agreed time, so you don't get charged one extra day (usually they have a tolerance of 2h). If you're catching a flight, then try to return car two hours before your flight.

2.Check veachle for damage

When you drop off the car at rental office, check for damage and the call office clerk to watch. If you have a camera or phone with good resolutions to take photographs of the car in case it is damaged after you leave it. This is important if you're dropping the car out of working hours, the office is close and there is no clerk to check the car and not able to sign drop-off documents.

3. Signs documentations

Be sure that clerk signs all important documents and contracts. Examine your rental agreement carefully for all chargers and get final invoice. Make sure they charge like you agree on beginning of the contract.

5. Personal staff

Check vehicle for one last time for any personal items before leaving, make sure you haven't left any personal belongings in the car. Don't forget to check car trunk! Make sure to return all documents of vechel like peppers and documentations of vechle

Rental cars 360°has all standard services that you need for a seamless rental experience. We have multiple locations across the Croatia that is important if you are taking coastal road trip. We also have extra services such as an infant seat, GPS, WiFi and lots of equipment to make your trip easier.
When you book car with us you get a personal agent who will take care of your requirements and that will make all your holiday goes perfectly.

First step : This is made that you can make booking in 2 minutes, listen carefully :)
1) You have to choose pick up location and date & time, from booking form
2) You need to pick up returning location and date & time of vehicles.
3) You need to pick up category what is best for you (if you don't know use "ANY")

Second step
1) You will get a list of cars, choose wisely
2) Check for characteristic of the vehicle that best suit you, like: Transmission, Max persons, Air-condition act...
3) Choose what is best for you and click it.

Third step
1) Choose will you take full insurance or basic one.
2) Check for additional equipment maybe you will need something.
3) Click it "BOOK NOW" (don't worry we have one more step to finish)

For step
1) Check the information that you pick up, Like location pick up and returning date of returning and locations
2) Fill up the forms and proceed to "confirm order"
3) And the last step is to put your credit card information (your credit card will not be charged!)

You can amend your booking information or cancel your booking with few simple steps. Just login to our web page with your login information and choose from your profile which reservation you want to cancel or amend.
In case you want to cancel your booking or made some changes you need to do that at least 2 days or 48 hours before rental start and you will not lose deposit. If the booking is canceled after 2 days before rental begin we will charge only 20% of your total price.
International driving license is international document, which includes the same data as your national driving license and is used to prove your driving license validation in countries which have a different national language than your national language. When you present an international driving license, you always have to present also your national driving license, otherwise the international licence is not valid.
Yes you can. One-way rentals are rentals where you return the rented vehicle to a different location than where you picked it up. For some one-way rentals, one-way rental fee may or may not apply. Normal fee is 80€, but rentals more then 10 days is free.
With every booking you are able to choose different car accessories such as navigation system, child seat, baby seat, etc... selected accessories are displayed on your voucher and they will be included in your price.. When you select accessories it means that these additional items were placed in a request and will be provided if possible, meaning that they are not guaranteed.
In our price we include all so there is no hidden cost . You can see all the details about what your booking includes in your reservation or on your voucher.
Unlimited mileage is usually included in our prices. Please check with rental conditions if unlimited mileage is included in your booking.
Every car rental company has a contract for assistance on the road which will assist you in case of a break down or in case of an accident. Please ask the agent for assistance with the details when you are picking up the car.

If purchased prior to pick-up of the car, Full Protection product will refund the customer:

charges for damage to the rental car's exterior or mechanical components, including:

  • bodywork, roof, undercarriage
  • windscreen, windows, mirrors, locks
  • wheels, tyres, hubcaps, engine, clutch, battery.
  • immobilisation' charges (for loss of earnings while the car is being repaired and cannot be rented out)

All drivers must abide by the terms of the rental agreement: Full Protection will not refund any cost incurred under circumstances which violate those terms, such as negligent driving, misfuelling, or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

At the car hire office, the car hire company will still require a deposit to cover potential damage to the rental car. Full Protection product will not refund the cost of:

  • any service NOT approved by the car hire company, including repairs and roadside assistance
  • cleaning charges or damage to the car's interior (unless caused by a collision)
  • damage to / loss of child seats, GPS devices or other 'extra' equipment.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) - this limits your liability for damage to the car's bodywork to the Excess amount. This Excess is the maximum amount you will be charged for bodywork damage, and is typically between 680,24 € - 2720,95 €

Theft Protection (TP) - this limits your liability if the car is stolen, there is typically an Excess of 680,24 € - 2720,95 €.

In most destinations there are car parts that are excluded from your CDW cover.

Windscreens, mirrors, wheels, tyres, hubcaps, undercarriage, roof and locks are typically excluded. This means that if these car parts are damaged you will be charged for their repair.

Costs for replacement keys and roadside assistance in the case of lock-out or breakdown are usually also charged to you, if you need these services during your car rental

The car hire company may also charge you administration fees and 'immobilisation' charges (for loss of earnings while the car is being repaired and cannot be rented out) if the car is damaged or stolen.


Rental cars 360° agency is one of the leading domestic car hire brokers in the Croatia.

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